Best fireproof document bag – Summary

Fire resistant safes are commonly used in offices and organizations in order to protect documents and other valuables from damage in case of a fire accident. Fireproof safes are specially designed with multiple layers of different fire-resistant material, enabling them to withstand extreme temperatures for long periods of time. As fire accidents are the leading cause for damage and loss of property for organizations every year, fire resistant safe boxes are being widely used all over the world.

Some of the materials used in such safes include asbestos cement, perlite, ceramic, etc. Fireproof safes are mainly meant only to protect the contents from fire damage. As a result, a fireproof safe is not suitable for actual storage or safe-keeping of valuable. They tend to be quite heavy due to the different layers of material used in their construction. However, structurally, they are not very strong and can be broken into quite easily. Safes that are resistant to fire are placed in different classes or categories depending upon the amount of time they can withstand the effects of a fire at a particular temperature. Fire resistant safes exist that can last between half an hour and four hours.Look these up

Most fireproof safes can keep their internal temperature well below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, even when the external temperature is around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Beyond their capacity to withstand temperature, the safes start to slowly deteriorate, losing their fire-resistant properties. Even at this stage, the contents of the safe will not be exposed to temperatures higher than 160 or 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apart from mild smoke damage, the contents of most good quality fire resistant safes have been recovered intact after fire accidents. One precaution to be taken while putting valuable objects or documents inside such a safe is to place them inside plastic bags before placing them inside. This is because fire resistant safes are not waterproof, and in the event of being hosed down during a fire accident, their contents could get wet.

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