Landscape Maintenance in Idaho Falls- A Guide

Adding some pizazz to your backyard with some creative pool landscaping ideas can transform your outdated outside into a modern oasis. Depending on the size of your yard, you may be able to dress up the edge of your pool with pretty pavers. Just adding some brick walking paths throughout the yard and pool area can give you the feel of being on an estate in the Hamptons and not in the middle of suburbia. Designating a special area for chairs and perhaps even a nice outdoor fire-pit can breath life into your otherwise boring recreation are

Image result for Landscape MaintenanceIf space permits, carry the theme to far reaches of your yard with the same pool landscaping idea. Long meandering paths of brick leading to shady enclaves will give you the feel of being on a southern estate. Even the hottest nights can be cooled down by leaving patches of greenery sprinkled throughout the stone walkway. Brick is a good choice for these designs because it has a familiar look and welcoming feel. Any plantings with greenery will stand out remarkably against this stone.Learn more about them at springfallslandscaping .

If you have the room, add some large plants and planters around the perimeter of your outside entertainment area. Smaller stones should not be used too close to the edge of the pool, as they can fall in and cause problems with your filter system. Best to keep the little guys out of your pool landscaping ideas, and save them for the other gardens in your yard. I have even seen large slate pavers used as a walkway in patches of sand. Again, be careful not to use any element that could end up in the pool and cause damage.

Adding some colorful plants can really brighten up the area too. If you have an overhang on your patio, consider including hanging plants in your pool landscaping ideas. Tiki torches are a great touch too, or just some fancy landscape lighting. These simple additions can keep your pool area festive and safely lit during the evening hours and provide an ambiance unlike any other. And they looks cool.

Most of these ideas are pretty simple and can be done by any do it yourselfer. Others may require the assistance of a professional, or a few strong men. Either way, for very little money and effort, you can really take your pool to new heights by implementing even a few of these great landscaping ideas.

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